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新视野大学英语读写教程 4

课后习题文本 1


Fill in the blanks with the words given below. Change the form where necessary. --------------------------------------------------

----------------------------chase worship object minute justify fine cruelty drown discount idle sustain accuse

contaminate distinct

1. Hundreds of workers sat __ on the factory floor waiting for the assembly line to start again. 2. To some of our problems there was more than one right answer, so we were looking at the student's reasoning as to how they got it and if they could ___ the answer they had. 3. Consumers expect to find the brand available at a(n)___ and are unpleasantly surprised to find a higher price. 4. The European Union is made up of 27 nations with ___ cultural, linguistic and economic roots. 5. Police found ___ traces of blood on the car seats. 6. Despite his promise to eliminate cronyism (任人唯亲), he was openly ___ of giving government positions to friends and

relatives. 7. But I would like to accept his kind offer if he did not ___ to my sharing the seed with my friend, Mary, who was an experienced grower and had a beautiful rock garden. 8. The pollution from the factories continues to ___ the river and also poses health threat to people living nearby. 9. We believe it's possible to ___ growth through the use of different kinds of energy that will allow for lower carbon emissions. 10. The people loved her so much that they nicknamed her "Evita", and long after her death, many Argentines continue to __ her. 11. She thought that if he found out what had happened to his parents, he would ___ in grief. 12. If your neighbor allows her dog to run loose through the neighborhood, she can be ticketed and ___. 13. A police motorcycle __ his car twelve miles, and cornered him near Rome. 14. They have campaigned against __ to animals for many years.

Fill in the blanks with the expressions given below. Change the form where necessary.

----------------------------------------------------------------------------participate in pay for object to up come upon at one's worst at best end run a risk of other than accuse... of


The President defended the government policy, __ the misinforming the people.


2. The less you spend, the less you'll owe, and the less likely you'll __ bankrupt. 3. Darby was looking for a way to improve the image of the company when he ___ the idea of inviting students from the local universities to visit the company. 4. As far as I can remember, this was their mother : Her voice was strident (刺耳的), and she was ready to be angry at anyone. 5. If you don't take care of your body now, you'll ___ it dearly when you're older. 6. If they failed to complete the project on schedule, they

would ___ being dismissed.

7. In our university, students are also encouraged to make use of the Arts Center and to __ music and drama. 8. In many cases, optional subjects ___ science are available, such as business studies. 9. The young artist's parents __ his giving up his day job for fear that he might fail in his quest for fame. 10. Some people think that most pills offer either no real

improvement or, __, only moderate improvements.

Fill in the blanks in the following passage by selecting suitable words from the Word Bank. You may not use any of the words more than once. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------Have you ever known anyone famous? If so, you may have found that they are remarkably similar to the rest of us. You may have even heard them __ to people saying there is anything different about them. "I'm really just a normal guy," ___ an actor who has recently rocketed into the spotlight. There is, of course, usually a brief period while they are popular when they actually start to believe they are as great as their ___ fans suggest. They start to wear ___ clothes and talk as if everyone should hear what they have to say. This period, however, does not often last

long. They fall back to reality as fast as they had __ risen above it all. What will it feel like to soar to such __ and look down like an eagle from up high on everyone else? And what will it feel like to have flown so high only to __ from your dream and realize you are only human? Some only see the ___ in losing something they had gained. They often make __ attempts to regain what they lost. Often these efforts result in even greater pain. Some become __ financially and emotionally. The only real winners are those who are happy to be back on the ground with the rest of us. desperate wake disappointing contest worshipping object bankrupt cruelty fancy dignity protects originally

protests altitude similarly

Read the following passage carefully and choose the best word or phrase to fill in each blank.

----------------------------------------------------------------------------"So you want to be a rock and roll star?" asked the musician, Bob Dylan. You have decided to (1) fame's spotlight. And you will not be (2) otherwise. What is it that (3) you? Is it the (4) fans? Or is it simply to be recognized for being truly (5) at something? This is all quite (6). I should warn you, though. It is difficult to (7) the public's favor. These people will grow (8) so easily. Even (9) you should succeed, you might not be happy. Once you win in your (10) of fame, complaints will follow. For example, people will say that your work fails to show a lack of (11) in its appeal. You see, their enthusiasm will soon (12). I should also tell you that there will be plenty of people who will want to (13) you during your brief stay at the top. Friends? Sure, (14) you have money you'll have friends who will suck everything you have out of you. And don't forget to watch your

agent (15). You might need a good lawyer and an accountant, but they too will want their (16) of the pie—making money out of you.

I see, you understand the (17) of the situation. However, your chase for fame can't be (18) by my pessimistic outlook. Go ahead then. Don't let me stop you. But when you fail or fall right back here (19) you started and you're miserable, don't (20) me of not having warned you. I've done all that I can for you. 1. A.search 2. A.persuaded 3. A.entertains 4. A.glorifying B.seek C.spur D.aim D.aroused

B.justified B.applies

C.motivated C.lures B.enjoyin

D.appeals C.ghonoring

D.worshipping 5. A.radical B.fantastic C.realistic D.characteristic C.remarkable

6. A. understandable applicable 7. A.endure 8. A.bored 9. A.since B.sustain B.exhausted B.because B.defeat B.patience


C.withstand C.depressed C.if

D.undergo D.sick

D.while D.battle D.continuity

10. A.conquest 11. A.toleration

C.advance C.stability

12. A.dismiss 13. A.expand 14. A.as long as 15. A.exactly 16. A.fragment 17. A.intensity 18.

B.deprive B.extend B.lest

C.dissolve C.apply C.though

D.dispose D.exploit D.as well as D.precisely D.piece D.violence C.discouraged

B.secretly C.closely B.sort B.cruelty C.branch

C.injustice B.disposed


D.disputed 19. A.where 20. A.warn B.when B.blame C.which C.charge D.that D.accuse

Translate the following sentences into English. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------1. 这种植物只有在培育它的土壤中才能很好地成长。(other than)



做大约两个小时的梦。(may have done)



失败辩护。(justify sth. by)



(remain true to)



世界上最伟大的音乐家。爱迪生也同样如此,他的老师觉得 他似乎过于迟钝。(discount; be true of)

6. 当局控告他们威胁国家安全。(accuse sb. of sth.)

Translate the following sentences into Chinese.

----------------------------------------------------------------------------1. If you move into any place other than your own private home, make sure you know what the rules are about pets if you have one.

2. Some women could have made a good salary in job instead of staying at home, but they decided not to work for the sake of the family.

3. How can you justify such rudeness? You will pay heavily for that because they have sued you for damaging their good


4. Criticism can be of great use; we may not like it at the time, but it can spur us on to greater things.

5. His uncompromising behavior, to which the public objected, left him bankrupt emotionally and financially.

6. Even if you fail, don't let failure harm you, don't let failure take over. Remember failure is a necessary step in learning; it is not the end of your learning, but the beginning.



Fill in the blanks with the words given below. Change the form where necessary.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------lest enquire restore glue amuse relief furnish melt intent

initiative behave

induce meanwhile

obligation deposit


To our surprise, when he heard the news he laughed

suddenly and all the anger in his face __ away. 2. The Prime Minister said his government would try to ___ public trust. 3. Although she was quite young, she showed a lot of __ and was promoted to manager after a year. 4. There is no doubt that children learn far more by example than by precept (规矩), and therefore teachers have a(n) ___ to behave well themselves. 5. It is believed that listening to gentle and soft music might help to ___ relaxation and reduce stress. 6. The young driver looked over the engine carefully ___ it should go wrong on the way. 7. Seeing the patient in good condition after the operation, the doctor breathed a sigh of __ . 8. Will these findings __ more information on prehistoric

man? 9. A special committee was formed to ___ into complaints made by several employees who claimed to have been treated unfairly by the company. 10. Stress can be extremely damaging to your health. Exercise,

___, can reduce its effects. 11. Every payday her father would go down to the bank to make a(n) ___ into his savings account. 12. The program was lunched with the ___ to promote healthy growth of the real estate business. 13. Although we were doing our best to __ as if nothing was wrong, it was simply impossible. 14. John seemed more than irritated at Kate's attempt to catch the ball. 15. These cultural-ideological (意识形态上的) practices are

the ___ that holds the system together.

Fill in the blanks with the expressions given below. Change the form where necessary. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------cool off away keep one's word hold up pave the way for open the door to enquire into melt away fall apart shrug off pen up be good for on credit wipe

1. The president promised at the election to do all he could to

reduce taxes, but has not fully ___. 2. Jacob __ the criticism, claiming she is working for the

taxpayers, not special interest groups. 3. His doubts about her suitability for the position soon ___ when he found that she had done her job quite well in the first two months. 4. The Court was still, in theory, under a duty to ___ the facts alleged. 5. The afternoon temperature shot into three figures Fahrenheit so we dived into the river to ___. 6. The company believes the peaceful settlement of these

issues should ___ the deal to be signed. 7. The pillars (柱子) that __ the roof broke in the earthquake, leading to the collapse of the house. 8. The manager knew that, if he could not control costs, the business would finally ___. 9. Mary did not attempt to ___ the tears. She let them roll down and fall onto the front of the apron she was wearing over her brown dress. 10. He had practically no money left in the world, but he went on buying things ___. 11. When we told the owner that we wanted to buy the watch

on credit, he agreed because he believed that we __ the money. 12. They believed that the deal with the country could indeed ___further economic co-operation with East Asia. 13. He thought that since he was a human being he should not be ___ in the basement like a caged animal.



Fill in the blanks with the words given below. Change the form where necessary. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------applause rouse clumsy collision spark coarse surround execute relief betray


postpone doubtful



1. She was very polite and, like the rest of her people, never laughed if an outsider said something ___. 2. I still have bitter feelings for Robert. What can I say? He completely ___ my trust. 3. Apart from the __ in Las Vegas, our vacation was

completely trouble-free. 4. In 1968, the Oscar ceremony was __ for two days,

following the assassination of Martin Luther King. 5. Now that we have approval we may ___ the scheme as previously agreed. 6. Many of the papers focus their attention on the controversy ___ statements reportedly made by the Foreign Secretary. 7. As all the performers were either related to or known to the audience, each act was greeted with loud and equal ___. 8. The man's story was so ___ that I didn't know whether to believe him or not. 9. The first mobile phones were heavy and ___ to use, but nowadays they are much easier to handle. 10. His latest book, Animal Liberation, ___ a nationwide

debate on the way we think about animals. 11. They have spent a(n) ____ amount of money on the

project. 12. The man breathed a sigh of ___ when he learnt his wife was not angry that he had damaged their car. 13. Chaplin's films __ my interest in comedy and I went to work for the drama company. 14. It was said that the chief cause of their divorce was the ___ of their different political views. 15. He remains ___ about the effectiveness of the new method.

Fill in each of the blanks in the following sentences with a suitable preposition or adverb.

----------------------------------------------------------------------------1. Charlie Chaplin was born in a poor area of south London, but in 1913 he left Britain ___ good. 2. He revolted ___ all kinds of human discrimination and

sought to establish social justice, democracy and freedom as rights for all human beings. 3. The interview was really stressful. They were trying to trip me __ all the way through. 4. Recent studies have found that certain smells can bring ___ extreme psychological changes. 5. I couldn't remember a fairy story to tell the children, so I made___ one as I went along. 6. I think that the decision was not appropriate __ a degree concerning the undue weight being given to the question of an economic crisis. 7. They'll have to cut the film ___—it's far too long. 8. They used to live in a big house with lots of servants, but they've come ___ in the world since then.

9. Because of the popularity of the region, it is advisable to book hotels or campsites ___ advance. 10. There were moments when I wondered: Did she do this ___ purpose, was it all just a game?

Fill in the blanks in the following passage by selecting suitable words from the Word Bank. You may not use any of the words more than once. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------Have you ever heard of Jon Stewart? He is currently one of the most popular comics on television. His pessimistic view of the politics and government __ laughter, thought and even anger. He has a clever wit that often runs into __ with some government policies. His whole show is ___ to making fun of the nonsense that occurs in politics. But, what makes his show so __ is his ability to tell his jokes with intelligence.

"It's not just comedy," said one media expert. "His comments have a lot of ___ over a very large audience in America. He has a lot of political power."

Recently Stewart was a guest on a news show about politics.

The host journalist ___ a heated debate when he __ about Stewart's responsibility to the American public. Stewart argued that while the content of the script for his show may be political in nature, his primary __ is to entertain. The host journalist, however, emphasized the political influence of his performance. The argument ended up ___ anger from both parties. The incident __ how sensitive some people can be to what others find funny. It also showed how important comedians have become to politics. underlined induces devoted collision effect consensus successful obligation influence charge inquired rousing sparked

rising flashed

Read the following passage carefully and choose the best word or phrase to fill in each blank. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------It is doubtful that there was a more successful comedy team in the 20th century (1) the Three Stooges. Larry, Moe, and Curly became famous for their many short movies (2) extraordinary comedy. In their movies, they found many ways of (3) funny actions. They attracted large audience and received a lot of (4). However, their movies also (5) criticism. Some people who didn't like the Three Stooges (6) they were too violent. In a TV interview Moe and Larry were roused to (7) themselves. Their coarse brand, they said, shouldn't be taken (8). It was just "cartoon violence".

The Stooges got their name and their start in an act (9) Ted Healy and his Stooges. This act began (10) the way for their exceedingly successful career. (11), the team was composed of Larry, Moe and Shemp. (12), Shemp left for a career in more serious movies. When Shemp left, Curly took his (13). Shemp's

clumsy character returned in 1946 after Curly (14) a stroke.

Moe was the heart and soul of the team, acting as (15) their main comic force and their director. He was responsible (16) scripting many of the jokes. He'd also spend time providing his services as their business manager. In 1934 the team began a series of comedy shorts that numbered more than 200 (17) they ceased in 1958, (18) won them numerous fans. (19) all the criticism, the Three Stooges are undoubtedly the most famous comedy team that history (20) invented. 1. A.but B.as C.than D.and D.composing D.showing

2. A.consisting 3. A.turning off up 4. A.objection 5. A.sparked 6. A.admitted 7. A.define 8. A.seriously 9. A.calling D.called 10. A.heaving

B.featuring C.insisting B.sending off

C.showing off

B.applause B.marked B.persisted B.disagree B.carefully

C.disagreement C.remarked C.claimed


D.contributed D.requested

C.offend D. defend C.definitely D.severely C.to be called

B.being called




11. A.Generally 12. A.However 13. A.place

B.Eventually B.Therefore

C.Formally C.As a result C.profession C.suffered D.nor

D.Originally D.After all D.location D.endured

B.occupation B.received

14. A.encountered 15. A.between 16. A.by B.at 17. A.when 18. A.what

B.both C.in

C.either D.for

B.since C.until B.that C.which

D. while D.it D.Except

19. A.As for B.Despite 20. A.ever B.thus

C.Although D.as


Translate the following sentences into English. 1. 要是这部喜剧中的人物更幽默些的话,就会吸引更多的

观众。(if... had + past participle, would + have + past participle)



成功的演员。(it is a possibility to)

3. 我从未受过正式培训,我只是边干边学。(go along)

4. 随着产品进入国际市场, 他们的品牌知名度越来越高了。 (find one's way into)



没了,但她怀疑自己是否能让这故事听起来可信。(make up)



对他更多的批评。(on purpose)

Translate the following sentences into Chinese. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------1. If there had been no Charlie Chaplin, the history of world cinema would have been different.

2. It was a relief that his hard work eventually gave him the result that he had long desired: He successfully discovered the cause of the disease.

3. Charlie Chaplin was one of the greatest and most widely loved movie stars. From The Tramp to Modern Times, he made many of the funniest and most popular films of his time. He was best known for his character, the youthful and lovable Little Tramp.

4. Chaplin was an immensely talented man: Within only two years of his first appearance in motion pictures in 1914, he became one of the best-known personalities in the nation.

5. Charlie Chaplin had an impact on everyone's life in the early 20th century. He made more people laugh than any other man who ever lived and changed the way people looked at the world.

6. On Christmas Day in 1977 Charlie Chaplin passed away. He left behind family and friends saddened by his death, and millions of fans worldwide.

Section B Fill in the blanks with the words given below. Change the form where necessary.

----------------------------------------------------------------------------colleague fierce sow substantial refresh assembly fund illegal scandal







1. Japanese banks, once ___ competitors in the British banking market, have all but disappeared. 2. The army___ its third air strike against the country

yesterday. 3. She does all her work in a careful manner, and her boss and ___ speak highly of her. 4. He was accused of manipulating the price of a stock by ___means so he could buy it cheaply. 5. The Community College, which is partly ___ by the State, has many international students from South East Asia. 6. These leaders were very ___ of their power, and did

whatever they could to shut women out of politics. 7. Simply going for a walk can relax the mind and __ the spirit, and it will make you fitter, too. 8. The local government has been providing __ support,

without which they couldn't have been so successful. 9. These educators finally came to the conclusion that

education must ___ the seeds of wisdom, besides providing knowledge and skills. 10. Madam, I wish you would listen instead of jumping to ___

conclusions! 11. The minister was forced to resign after a(n) __ involving him and another minister's wife. 12. The result of the __ in Egypt is yet another hopeful sign that peace could come to the Middle East. 13. At that time, the only question was whether the President could use his extraordinary political skills to turn the tables on his ___. 14. If you think that these transport problems can be solved by building more roads, you completely ___ the nature of the problem. 15. Some of those who took part in the illegal __ were arrested by the police.

Rewrite each of the following sentences using the expressions given in brackets.


1. Could we take a walk? I want a little exercise. (feel like) Your sentence:

2. Ms. Mbogo had made a bold decision: to get elected as mayor of Embu, Kenya. (run for) Your sentence: 3. Some leaders in Kenya were afraid of losing their power, so they tried everything to prevent Kenyan women from being in politics. (shut out of) Your sentence: 4. She decided long ago that she would study the subject

seriously as soon as she left school. (in earnest) Your sentence: 5. He was arrested because he was paid to secretly watch our air bases. (spy on) Your sentence: 6. After almost four hours of fierce negotiation, the President had more power than others involved. (have the upper hand) Your sentence: 7. Victims of traffic accidents form almost a quarter of the hospital's patients. (make up) Your sentence: 8. Ms. Mbogo's victory was important because all her male colleagues gave her their votes in the election. (vote in) Your sentence:

9. Two young men were originally hired to guard the house as it was being built. (watch over) Your sentence: 10. It is reported that government troops tried to end the

protest by firing their guns in the air. (break up) Your sentence: 11. She quickly pulled down the man's photograph, threw it into the wastebasket and walked out of the building. (tear down) Your sentence: 12. Indeed, Mbogo felt pleased and satisfied that she received warm greetings from the men of Embu. (be proud of) Your sentence: 13. What they promise sounds impressive enough —let's see if they do what they said they would. (deliver the goods) Your sentence: 14. The husband spread all her new clothes out on the bed for her to choose. (lay out) Your sentence:



Fill in the blanks with the words given below. Change the form where necessary.

----------------------------------------------------------------------------receipt donation compensation roast paste rent raw certify convict thrive alert notify champion temptation


1. I prefer to eat vegetables___ , not cooked, because I believe that is better for my health. 2. If ___ of the charge he would face a prison sentence of six years. 3. Any claims for refund or ___ must be made in writing to our head office within 28 days. 4. If you will require childcare in order to attend the meeting, please __ us by leaving a message for Jan or Martha at Jordan's office. 5. The Government attaches great importance to the training of food handlers and the new Food Safety Act contains specific __ on this. 6. Keep your __ in case there is something wrong with it and you want to bring it back. 7. Her job in that company was to merely fill the containers and then ___ labels on them. 8. When he realized that one engine was not working, the pilot

___ air traffic control. 9. My garden is too dry and shady—not many plants ___ in such environment. 10. This is to ___ that the holder of this certificate has been awarded top prize in the English-speaking Contest. 11. John believes that the ___ of food to the hungry is more helpful than giving money. 12. He decided on ___ chicken and vegetables, with apple pie and cheese to follow. 13. If my landlord raises the ___ again, I'll have to look for a smaller place to live in. 14. Helen is very popular in this country and is seen as a ___ of women's rights. 15. If you break these links, you can break the habit. The best way of doing this is to avoid the situations where you want a cigarette. If you can't avoid them, then you will have to fight off the ___.

Fill in each of the blanks in the following sentences with a suitable preposition or adverb. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------

--1. His role was to drum __ contributions and donations from friends in big business. 2. The chairman spoke so forcefully that the rest of the

committee yielded ___ his opinion. 3. His car broke __, so he has a plausible explanation as to why he is late. 4. I suddenly realized that I was being made a fool __. 5. If you want to donate a number of books to your

organization, club, association or to your local school library for the children to read, please fill ___ the form below. 6. You should review your situation, think about changes, look ___ the past and present before you revise your plans for your future. 7. If natural selection was to account __ the evolution of man's higher faculties, as Darwin was convinced it could, then those faculties must have a material basis. 8. They will do what they can to make sure that the people who will sit __ the committee are moral, cultured, competent people. 9. Whatever you do, don't look for a pay increase when you know the company is going __ some difficulty.

10. The newspaper reported that Williams would face life in prison if he was convicted ___ attempted murder. 11. I knew deep ___ that my mum would've loved one of us to go to college. 12. We will start to see the confidence in the housing market building ___ again. 13. It was found that they had offered him money __ the table to change his mind. 14. Children who talk __ are regarded as cheeky (大胆无礼) and disrespectful. 15. The public transportation in Mexico City is very good. It makes it really easy to get ___. 16. None of her books really lend itself __ being made into a film.

? Fill in the blanks in the following passage by selecting suitable words from the Word Bank. You may not use any of the words more than once. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------What happens in America when someone becomes disabled and cannot do the kind of work they did in the past? If someone has been injured on the job, they are supposed to __ the medical

worker, who would certify that there was a problem. Then, they may receive ___ from the company. If the company provides a(n) , the person may receive money monthly to make up for lost wages. The person who has been disabled may also take the company to court if safety was ___ at the workplace. This usually results in __ of a payment to settle the dispute. In addition, all workplaces are required to pay money to the government for a program to take care of people disabled on the job. One __ in this program requires workplaces where more injuries __ to pay more money. For this reason companies that require heavy physical labor take safety very seriously. Most people ___ disability insurance. They think it is ___ that a person should get paid without working. In fact, this benefit is usually not enough to cover the rent and other bills of those who receive it. Most of the disabled still want to work, but __ from the injury and training for other types of employment takes time. neglected occur protection mislead provision misunderstand

recovery notice compensation notify rewarded fantastic pension ridiculous receipt

Read the following passage carefully and choose the best word or phrase to fill in each blank. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------The challenges faced by all child protection caseworkers are obvious. (1) is often not so obvious are the many rewards a caseworker career (2). People often ask (3) anybody in their right mind would want to be a child protection caseworker, habitually dealing (4) the most disadvantaged and troubled families in their community. Caseworkers routinely (5) disturbing cases of child abuse and neglect, and clients who are not cooperative. Being a caseworker means being an agent of positive change, (6) when the welfare sector is not just a job to

you, (7) t a professional vocation.

Child protection is a difficult and (8) career path to follow, but the rewards do exist. Many of our caseworkers choose this career path out of a desire to (9) to the community. To be part of a process can (10) change a family's life, and caseworkers may (11) their intervention equip a young person so that his or her future (12) are improved. Of course, this does not (13) with every intervention. But when it happens, it is a(n) (14) experience. And if you are wondering whether this experience makes the job worthwhile, then the answer is YES!

A good indicator of how outside people (15) the caseworker career has been the feedback from university students. In 2006 there were 118 students on placements (实习) of caseworker career. Those students who completed their placements in child protection in 2006 told us about the great (16) they have had to (17) theory to practice; the many chances of learning new skills and trying new tasks; the sound knowledge (18) through training; the willingness of caseworkers to talk about their experiences; and how (19) becoming familiar with different welfare services was (20) their future career.

1. A.Which 2. A.remains 3. A.why 4. A.at



D.Such D.represents

B.maintains B.when C.in

C.offers D.what

C.where D.with


5. A.come up 6.

B.come across

C.come to

D.come at C.necessarily



D.remarkably 7. A.besides 8. A.rewarding compensating 9. A.contribute 10. B.attach C.owe B.ultimately D.correspond C.intimately B.in addition C.except D.but C.challenging



D.individually 11. A.notify 12. A.prospects 13. A.rise 14. B.identify B.respects C.occur C.access D.witness D.aspects

C.purposes D.appear





D.responding 15. A.look into 16. A.necessity B.look after C.look out D.look at C.reality


D.probability 17. A.reply B.enforce C.apply D.attach





D.considerable 19. A.suitable valuable 20. A.in B.to C.from D.on B.possible C.approach D.able

Translate the following sentences into English. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------1. 据报道有七八位官员收受贿赂,市长决定亲自出马调查

这件事。(be reported to; look into)



现在他们再次面临失业的危险了。(regret doing sth.; yield to; be faced with)



买东西时享受打折的优惠。(fill out)



划晚到了三个小时。(break down)


那位官员卷入了一场丑闻,数周后被迫辞职。 ( get

involved in)



生意日渐兴隆。(build up; one step at a time)

Translate the following sentences into Chinese. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------1. The man is reported to have said in private that "we are being made fools of by many of our clients, so we are entitled to have them bow to us as compensation."


After considering your background and experience, we

regret to inform you that we don't have an appropriate job opportunity for you at current stage.

3. I failed to take my cue from Oscar. Instead, I talked back to the woman, who turned out to be our new manager.

4. There needs to be someone who can act as a champion for the rights of the poor because the system so easily lends itself to abuse.

5. I called the police for help after my car broke down on the freeway. Twenty minutes later, they came to my rescue.

6. He was passionate for art, but he went through tremendous pain—pain of poverty and misunderstanding.



Fill in the blanks with the words given below. Change the form where necessary.

----------------------------------------------------------------------------realm highlight dense magic curve stoop charter skim overhead angle annoy dense steer veil

1. Although this report only__ the surface of the subject, it has already sparked a nationwide debate. 2. Mrs. Cresson will need all her negotiating skills to ___ her bills through parliament. 3. International Aid Agencies have __ ships to transport

supplies to the area struck by natural disaster. 4. Viewed from that particular ___, of course, the whole thing looks suspicious. 5. The government has been urged to lift the ___ of secrecy surrounding the minister's unexpected visit abroad. 6. I was just wondering how I could get home, when suddenly, as if by ___, a taxi pulled up. 7. We all have a very high opinion of Dr. Franklin's work. In the __ of surgery, he has no equal. 8. But the advertisements that really ___ me are not the ones aimed at women but the ones aimed at men. 9. These youngsters, "fully-equipped", went into a(n)___ ,

damp forest in the dark in search of the wild puma, which was reported to have been observed. 10. The article ___ China's educational achievements during the past 20 years and outlined its development plans for the next ten years. 11. All she knew was that she came to lie on a garden bench and it was dark and the stars ___ were piercingly bright. 12. That day was, for the manager, devoted to a succession of telephone calls and a(n) ___ of files, most with urgent tags (标 签) pinned on them.

13. The corridor ___ down and appeared to twist, as if heading back into the ground. 14. He sounded young enough, but he walked with a(n) ___ at the age of 32.

Rewrite each of the following sentences using the expressions given in brackets.



Many of these poems show his years spent in India,

England, and China. (bear witness to) Your sentence: 2. The other players in the team are better than me, but I'm slowly becoming as good as them. (catch up) Your sentence: 3. I carried many parcels, unable to walk any faster. (be loaded with) Your sentence: 4. The place was deserted and there was no trace of human beings living there. (sign of) Your sentence:

5. These instruments should be turned on and checked before we start our work. (switch on) Your sentence: 6. My friend wore a black coat whereas I was in jeans. (be dressed in) Your sentence: 7. All those connected with the mission were praying for her, but her life was not spared. (in prayer) Your sentence: 8. May I leave for a while, Mr. Davis? (excuse oneself) Your sentence: 9. Have you ever noticed that at yesterday's concert one of the violinists didn't produce the right note? (out of tune) Your sentence: 10. All too soon it was over and we left feeling we had just touched a very small part of this fascinating topic. (skim the surface) Your sentence:



Complete the following sentences with the help of the first letters. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------1. The local government has given priority to the construction of infrastructure so as to attract more foreign in ____. 2. He placed his house at my d__ during my holidays. 3. The writer has c__ a great deal of material into just over 100 pages and presented it in a reasonably readable style. 4. An absence of s___ vision and insufficient customer focus were two other areas identified as key problems facing this wireless phone service company. 5. The San Francisco-based company said the contract is r____ of $250 million in the first year.

expected to generate

6. We had only two weeks to tour Malaysia, which was hardly enough to s___ the surface. 7. Monopolies in industries like railways and various u___ need breaking up. 8. To head off competition, the telecommunications companies have i____ heavily in high technology. 9. BT's prices for national and international calls are now

among the lowest in the world, although local call prices are

n___near the cheapest. 10. Manufacturers currently are working to establish industry standards for digital t____ and reception of the signals.

Replace the underlined words or expressions in the following sentences with words or expressions from the text that best keep the original meaning. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------1. We are afraid our company is developing far more slowly than many of our competitors in using modern technology. Your replacement: 2. For the time being, they have no choice but to use the old technology, but they will soon turn to new technologies. Your replacement: 3. By choosing the most advanced technology, Shanghai aims to become one of the top financial centers in the world. Your replacement: 4. They haven't met again for all these years, but they continue to send messages to each other. Your replacement: 5. We must make sure that we make changes in response to new developments in computer technology, otherwise we will

soon lag behind. Your replacement: 6. The professor promises that she will have a computer for you to use for the whole year. Your replacement: 7. They discovered that the oldest part of the building has existed since the early 16th century. Your replacement: 8. There's far more to be done—they've only dealt with a very small part of the problem. Your replacement: 9. Congestion makes things worse: Cars caught in traffic jams pollute three times as much as those on the open road. Your replacement: 10. In the meantime, consumers are forced to make a choice between just two US and two UK airlines, which provide 95 percent of transatlantic services from Heathrow. Your replacement:

Fill in the blanks in the following passage by selecting suitable words from the Word Bank. You may not use any of the words more than once.

----------------------------------------------------------------------------Mr. Li runs a small trade company in Sichuan province. He used to be worried about the sales of his goods, but now he simply logs on to the Internet and ___ the information about his company to almost anywhere. He now has so many resources at his ___ than before. He has even started to ___ in foreign countries and make money almost anywhere.

The ___ revolution has certainly changed the way we look at the world. And, most importantly, it allows people to get equal ___ to the information. People in less developed areas of the world are taking __ of the benefits as well. One person says, "I used to have a small farm, but now I am doing international business." This is just one of the many benefits of the information __. There are, however, some ___ challenges we will have to face. For example, there is a great deal of concern over ___ in the Information Age. Mr. Li ___ this point. Hopefully, we can solve this problem in the near future. attends advantage highlights privacy

buy transformation invest transmits telecommunications charge superhighway disposal assess potential access

Read the following passage carefully and choose the best word or phrase to fill in each blank. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------We are living in the age of a telecommunications revolution. In order to keep from getting (1), many developing countries are making an intensive effort to strengthen their

telecommunications infrastructure. This will help them (2) the developed countries. It was, after all, advanced

telecommunications (3) gave some countries an economic

advantage (4) others during the 20th century. There is one place that developing nations are (5) improve upon. That is enabling their citizens and businesses to get (6) to the Web. They are installing advanced optical fibers. These fibers, a millimeter in (7), can bring the information superhighway to their door. The (8) investments that countries like Vietnam are making may seem too great because they still lack basic (9), like electricity and water. However, government officials say that these moves are (10). They are also confident that their countries will (11) the benefits. They will benefit from having more (12) and up-to-date telecommunications equipment and gaining more (13). One Vietnamese leader said, "It is understandable that people want to (14)x their immediate problems first. Still, our entire future is (15). People don't always understand the (16) of the problem, though." He continued, "There are problems with using the antique communications equipment. And if we continue to use such old equipment, the (17) between us and the developed world will continue to widen. (18) have to be made now so that our children will have a country with opportunities equal (19) those they see in the developed world." It will not be far (20) they can cruise alongside Americans and Western Europeans on the information superhighway.

1. A.left out B.left alone 2. A.make up for catch up with 3.A. that 4. A.above B.what B.over C.where

C.left behind

D.left off D.in

B.stand up to

C.get involved

D.which D.with C.Looking for


5. A.looking up D.looking into 6. A.assistance 7. A.circle 8. A.partial

B.looking to

B.approval C.round C.potential

C.access D.diameter


B.length B.initial

D.influential D.conveniences

9. A.appliances 10. A.temporary 11. A.reap 12.

B.standards B.magic

C.utilities C.logic

D.strategic D.assign C.reliable





D.considerable 13.A.inputs B.revenues B.complete C.arrangement C.master C.at stake D.spayments

14.A. accomplish 15. A.at odds 16. A.length 17. A.hole

D.tackle D.for certain

B.by accident

B.strength C.volume B.gap C.space


D.extent D.Attributions

18. A.sacrifices 19. A.in B.with

B.Costs C.to

C.Prices D.on

20. A.while




Translate the following sentences into English. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------1. 我父母不是对我的教育投资,而是把钱花在了买新住房

上。(rather than)

2. 如今, 人们用于休闲娱乐的开支是过去的两倍。 (twice as... as)


一家公司要成功,它必须跟上市场的发展。 (keep pace




势。(give an advantage over)



所有的图书都任由他们使用。(at one's disposal)

6. 我们要充分利用好这个平台,加强交流,拓展合作领域, 共谋发展大计。(make use of)

Translate the following sentences into Chinese. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------1. The developing countries see information technologies as a means to accelerate their economy, but some lack experience in weighing costs and choosing between technologies.


The world is said to have about 3,000 times as much

groundwater as water it has in rivers and lakes, and groundwater is far cleaner.

3. Anyone can take good photos—it's just a matter of being in the right place at the right time.

4. By installing computers in their schools and libraries, the community leaders demonstrated that they were determined not to lag behind in technology.

5. When he started the company, he thought he'd be able to cruise alongside the top businesses in the market, but he is disappointed because he hasn't yet succeeded.

6. A Florida couple is building what they say will be the home

of the future, one strong enough to withstand hurricanes, yet gentle enough to blend in with the environment.



Complete the following sentences with the help of the first letters. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------1. Now people can t___ information much more quickly than ever before. 2. Every effort has been made to i___ that all information was correct at the time of publication. 3. A c__ part of Germany's success is their system of finding

and looking after new talent. 4. When carrying out such exercises, students are actively

involved in the learning process and they receive f__ constant about their progress. 5. I start my day by reading c__ and writing replies. 6. In his academic career, Professor Smith had s__ in

international politics with an emphasis on the politics of East Europe. 7. In our university, each student has a personal t___ whom

they normally meet two or three times a term for an individual review of general progress. 8. The town is built by the side of a hill, h__ the name

Hillside. 9. Beginning in fourth grade, students are expected to spend a considerable p___ of the academic day working independently. 10. With piles of f___ to be dealt with, he should not have gone to the movie with you. 11. All the images and data they need have been stored in a digital f__ in the database. 12. The designation was made because at high d__ , alcohol slows down the central nervous system. 13. Anyone whose t__ is linked to the campus network or has access to the Joint Academic Network (JANET) can use the online catalog. 14. Instead of an official response from the Conservatives,

John Kampfner, a BBC political c__, explained the party's position, after a briefing from Central Office.

Replace the underlined words or expressions in the following sentences with expressions from the text that best keep the original meaning.

----------------------------------------------------------------------------1. Medical experts have different opinions concerning the

treatment of the disease. Your replacement: 2. In this passage, the writer used "deaf and dumb" places to mean the areas without telecommunications facilities. Your replacement: 3. In comparison to our small apartment, our uncle's house seemed like a palace. Your replacement: 4. After he had worked as a doctor for some years, he decided to focus his study on children's diseases. Your replacement: 5. Advanced technologies will soon make usual many

transactions and exchanges on the Internet. Your replacement: 6. The teacher encouraged the students in class to provide a solution to the problem. Your replacement: 7. In Berkeley, California, Community Memory Project has been launched to make sure that anyone is able to use high

technology. Your replacement: 8. Something should be done in order for the information

superhighway to become a reality. Your replacement: 9. During the summer vacation he enrolled in a language

program to improve his language proficiency. Your replacement: 10. To leave the decision to be made by the inexperienced is a risk, if not a waste of time. Your replacement:

Unit 5 Complete the following sentences with the help of the first letters. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------1. Employees at h__ jobs have to carefully weigh up the employer's words and closely watch their expression. 2. In Paris, the Eiffel Tower closed to the public for four hours after a morning snowfall made it too s__ to climb. 3. Children and, later, teenagers have to learn to put a brake on

their impulses, to t__ their desires. 4. Some poets and philosophers choose to live in solitude

because they can find i___ in it. 5. No one noticed that the little boy had c___ into the room and was sitting there, listening. 6. Blake was wrongfully arrested and is now demanding an a___ from the police. 7. After months of ob__, I personally can conclude that it was pretty much an arbitrary policy. 8. Though he did not d___, he went at a pace slow enough for the listeners to take down a lot of what he said. 9. Some people feel totally i__ when faced with new

responsibilities. 10. The philosopher is said to be a s__ man. He closed

himself indoors and rarely had visitors. 11. She could not wait for daybreak and called her friend up at midnight to tell her the unpleasant experience that c___ her. 12. I don't think it is a good idea to take a trip in cold, wet weather—you have to go well prepared with a map, compass, and warm, w___ clothing. 13. While William Wordsworth was outdoors creating p__ , his sister Dorothy managed the household chores (家庭杂务)

indoors. 14. Luck is a rare he has of it. ? Replace the underlined words or expressions in the following sentences with words or expressions from the text that best keep the original meaning. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------1. People refused to talk to him after the scandal and he was discarded by society. Your replacement: 2. Thoreau didn't require any company. Instead, he had a c____, but the harder one works the more

strong desire to be left in the hut all alone. Your replacement: 3. On weekends we are usually allowed to go to bed later than usual to watch TV. Your replacement: 4. Even when he was in primary school, he had a great liking for football. Your replacement: 5. The story was so fascinating that she finished reading the book without a break.

Your replacement: 6. The ditches were full of mud and rubbish again after the pouring rain. Your replacement: 7. The writer has a high opinion of Thoreau's living all by himself at Walden Pond. Your replacement: 8. Elizabeth Mowbray, accompanied by her daughter, started the journey from Framlingham a few weeks later. Your replacement: 9. Mr. Wright was questioned in great detail at the police

station, but denied he had anything to do with the murder. Your replacement: 10. We're stuck in this place now, and it appears there's

nothing we can do about that. Your replacement:

Fill in the blanks in the following passage by selecting suitable words from the Word Bank. You may not use any of the words more than once. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------How do you spend your time when you're alone? Do you

turn up your music as loud as you can and listen to your own entertainment? Do you buy yourself the biggest steak you could find and sit down to a good meal? It has been my observation that these activities can be the best type of ___ for a troubled mind. It is crucial for humans to find some ___ in life. They must find some time to let the universe go spinning on without others'___ . The portion of this world that ___ to one person is increasingly becoming smaller. And whatever we do have we must ___ with others. Therefore, our ability to maintain a healthy balance between social ___ and personal pursuits is being challenged. Inspiration in solitude is a major ___ not only for poets and philosophers but for ordinary people as well. A healthy adult needs "alone-time"; time to ___ on what is truly important to them. When you are alone, you can ___ out your soul until it fills up the whole room, and use your freedom, moving at your own pace. However, it's important to stay ___. Don't forget that in order to be a healthy part of others' lives, you must yourself be healthy. share rational belongs commodity

relax therapy reflect interpretation spread interruption stretch connection crude interaction solitude

Read the following passage carefully and choose the best word or phrase to fill in each blank. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------Have you ever experienced living alone by yourself? Sunlight disappears, awakening me to the fact (1) I am alone. I am a(n)(2) observer on this isolated pond in the forest. Here I sit alone as the last light of day (3) away. A lone wolf in the (4) cries out. Then darkness (5) around me. I return to my small hut to put the kettle on the stove and sit in (6) with a hot cup of tea until I want to sleep. The fire inside the stove is low, so I use the

axe to (7) some wood that I throw in. It gets the fire (8). I had made (9) to be here for the entire summer. However, after a month I am already (10) supplies. I didn't expect I would be (11) of this experience so soon. In the cupboards there is (12) noodles, and half a pint of wine. I have become so (13) noodles. Still, I have to force myself to (14) them down. (15) I bring the teacup to my lips, I consider whether I should return to civilization to gather supplies or simply (16) my adventure. My observation is that self-reliance is a bit (17). I long to (18) a

steak dinner with my friends, to watch my niece play in the summer's heat. Still my ego will not let me return to my family and friends just yet. I had (19) to them about how being alone would bring about (20) to writing poetry. The fact is that I have written nothing. 1.A.which 2. A.selfish 3. A.fades 4. A.direction 5. A.come in 6. A.privacy 7. A.break 8. A.gone B.that C.what D.when D,solitary D.vanishes

B.exclusive C.alone B.disappears C.dims

B.distance C.horizon D.blank B.gives away B.separation B.crack B.go C. C.goes C.creeps in C.solitude D.split D.going D.settles down D.emptiness

9.A.complaints D.correspondences 10. A.lacking 11. A.lazy



B.omitting C.tired




D.disappointed C.nothing like

12. A.anything but D.anything like 13. A.sick of 14. A.absorb 15. A.Since 16. A.resist 17. A.amusing 18. Ashare

B.nothing but

B.fond of

C.proud of

D.ready for

B.digest C.choke B.If C.Although C.dispose

D.consume D.As D.cast D.weathering




B.part C.contribute C.warned

D.distribute D.boasted C.inspiration

19. A.thought B.gone 20. A.aspiration



Translate the following sentences into English. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------1. 这位小个子男子并不如他看上去那么单纯。 (not so... as)



授吧。(might as well)



作进一步加深。(speak highly of)



方面, 它也能 “广直言之路, 启进善之门” 。 (on the one hand, on the other hand)



电视机唠叨不休。(rise and fall, at length)

6. 毕竟,金钱不是万能的,最富有的人不一定是最幸福的。 (after all)

Translate the following sentences into Chinese.


1. The new mechanism is not so effective as they had expected, for months passed and there has been no big improvement in management efficiency.

2. I don't want to scare you unnecessarily, but you might as well face facts and look at a few numbers.

3. Loneliness is marked by a sense of isolation. Solitude, on the other hand, is a state of being alone without being lonely and can lead to self-awareness.

4. Loneliness is a negative state. One feels that something is missing. It is possible to be with people and still feel lonely—perhaps the bitterest form of loneliness.


Solitude is a positive state of engagement with oneself.

Solitude is desirable, a state of being alone where you provide yourself wonderful and sufficient company.


Thoreau says that loneliness can occur even amid

companions if one's heart is not open to them.

Secion B Fill in the blanks with the words given below. Change the form where necessary.

----------------------------------------------------------------------------vibrate disorder holy exclaim jury tolerate stale resort chew depression abstract complicate odds



It is generally acknowledged that psychology is an

extremely ___ and theoretical science. 2. All of these festivals were regarded as ___ occasions when all ordinary work stopped. 3. It was a terrible accident. ___, air travel is still the safest form of transport. 4. What is perhaps of great importance is the fact that she challenged the decision of her employers and won the case against all ___. 5. Far from helping the situation, the new regulations are

likely to ____ matters. 6. They enjoy each other's company and are prepared to __ any inconvenience. 7. She suffers from periods of deep ___, when she locks

herself away and will speak to no one for weeks. 8. Both sides hope that the disputes can be solved without ___ to military actions.

9. Susan ___ in horror when a young man suddenly appeared with a gun from her back. 10. A person with an eating ___ may maintain a normal

weight and so their condition may go unnoticed for years. 11. If the food is dry we automatically __ it until it becomes comfortable to swallow. 12. Heavy materials like brick and stone do not ____ easily, and therefore soon reduce noise. 13. Nicholson's routine was full of ___ old jokes that we'd all heard before. 14. He was convicted by the ___ of murdering.

Rewrite each of the following sentences using the expressions given in brackets. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------1. When he received the admission notice from the university, he knew it was time he started being independent. (strike out) Your sentence: 2. I had to keep the video camera readily accessible because of the possibility that I saw something that needed to be filmed. (in case) Your sentence:

3. Every time she tried to argue with her identical twin Katie, she would eventually cry her eyes out. (end up) Your sentence: 4. Serious violence has started from the conflict over

insignificant, irritating differences. (spring from) Your sentence: 5. There are many people who believe sincerely that you can train children for life without turning to punishment for help. (resort to) Your sentence: 6. Alan signed a dorm contract with his roommate to prevent possible conflicts. (head off) Your sentence: 7. He was required to write what is necessary in a form before the job interview. (fill in) Your sentence: 8. Her major concern is how she will make sure the people on the teams have a friendly relationship with one another. (get along with) Your sentence: 9. Very unexpectedly, it has worked, and this is a measure of just how strong they both were as individuals when they came to

the marriage ten years ago. (against all the odds) Your sentence: 10. What I'd like to do is to help them to see that they don't need to think they will never succeed in learning to use the computer and stop trying it, that they can actually be the master of it. (give up on) Your sentence:



Fill in the blanks with the words given below. Change the form where necessary.

----------------------------------------------------------------------------negotiation competitive donation secure finance withdraw reject discount bribery impose substantial commission exaggerate


1. ____ numbers of people support the reforms of economic system so as to get rid of bribery. 2. The speech which he made ___ the project has been very

encouraging. 3. The trade representative said, "We have demonstrated

extraordinary patience and are open to further ___ in the 30 days before our decision becomes effective." 4. Hanley didn't ___ when he said Geary was the best

basketball player the team ever had. 5. The charge was __ because there was not enough evidence. 6. The committee tried to separate __ paid for real services from exaggerated fees that really amount to bribes. 7. The building project will be ___ by the government and public donations. 8. That organization made substantial payments to party bank accounts to ___ an arms sales contract. 9. He intends to introduce new courses and ___ tighter

controls on internal management. 10. We're collecting money to build a house for homeless

people. Would you like to make a(n)___ ? 11. Increasingly price-conscious consumers are shopping less at department stores and more at ___ stores. 12. This kind of investment, said the committee, is needed to keep Britain ____ with other nations like Japan and the US where IT developments are proceeding quickly.

13. It is believed that crimes of ___ and corruption by large corporations are likely to affect the poorer, less powerful sections of society more than other sections. 14. We ___ his idea for a change in our car manufacturing processes, and decided to stick to the old one instead.

Fill in each of the blanks in the following sentences with a suitable preposition or adverb. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------1. He continues to insist that all he wrote in the book is

nothing but the truth, and that he will stand ___ his words. 2. Some of what we are talking about should be kept secret, thus it should be discussed ___ private. 3. President Bush was worried about the economic

consequences of accounting scandals at US corporations and he accused some of their leaders ___ not taking their responsibility. 4. In recognition of donations ____ the National Museum, we will allow a tax deduction of up to twice the value of the donation. 5. The country is speeding ___ its strategic plan to pump

enormous amounts of money into various communications projects in the hope of moving directly into the information age.


After running through the numbers in every possible

combination, we finally hit ____ a solution. 7. He tries to explain how this particular proposal squared ___ the government's purposes. 8. One can imagine combining two of these views, but ___ practice they have remained separate. 9. In fact, his ambiguous words amount ___ a refusal to our invitation. 10. Even an expert would find it hard to distinguish ___ the original painting and the copy. 11. A victory for her would be regarded as a particularly bitter blow for the Prime Minister, who has been campaigning in support ___ her rival. 12. You'll amount ____ nothing, if you go on living like this. 13. Recently released from prison, he is once again

___investigation, this time for allegedly (有嫌疑地) accepting illegal money. 14. By 1951 the rural population was ___ the increase, a trend that has continued throughout the postwar period. 15. Mr. Smith was forced to resign his post when it was

revealed that he had been ___ the take.

Fill in the blanks in the following passage by selecting suitable words from the Word Bank. You may not use any of the words more than once. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------In the past several years, many news stories about corporate greed have come to surface. The illegal practices of some executives have ___ impacted our economy. What makes this worse is that these executives seem to have the ___ of some political leaders. Some of the executives even ___ lawmakers. Recently a member of Congress from California was caught demanding gifts from interest groups in ___ for supporting new laws. A few top leaders in the government are under ___ for illegal activities. This doesn't even __the surface of the problem. A few years back a company made many purposeful ____ errors to fool investors. Many believe that one reason the problem became so big was that our nation's top leaders ___ the company. By the time the truth was __, many innocent people had lost their entire savings. There seems to be more and more companies that ___ the public's trust for their own interests. This calls for laws and strict regulations to put the illegal practice to an end. scrape

exchange scratch investigation explore accounting exploited undiscovered consent unveiled consultant shielded bribe negatively positively

Read the following passage carefully and choose the best word or phrase to fill in each blank. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------Bribery may lead to murder. A month ago reporters rushed to the (1) of a crime. At the spot the detective seemed even hardly aware of their (2) as he did his work. He carefully searched for (3) over every inch of the house. After a while, he

bent over to pick up a small torn (4) of fabric. Nothing could (5) from his search. The detective (6) that this piece of fabric was (7) from the murderer's clothing during a struggle. The (8) had been the finance director of a very large computer hardware manufacturer. His wife, a timid woman, (9) everything she knew with the detective, including a hot (10) her husband had with some of the company's top executives at a banquet. There had been a scandal (11) bribery at his company. He was (12) the business of many of the top executives. He had (13) that some people were giving special favors to government officials to get (14). He often questioned their moral (15) and told them that he would accuse them if they were doing something they shouldn't, (16) caused problems for him. His questioning and accusing often left him at (17) with many of the executives. This time it had led to a (18) blow on his head. The detective caught (19) of a crucial clue, a brass button in the corner. It was from a jacket of one of the top executives. Later this executive and the company's president was (20). Of course this is not the end of the story. 1. A.scene 2. B. view C.scenery D.position C.involvement




3. A.signals 4. A.separation 5. A.leak

B.signs B.piece


D.implications D.ruin

C.particle D.flee

B.escape C.avoid B.inspected C.cut

6. A.estimated 7. A.torn 8. A.game 9. A.informed 10. A.quarrel 11. A.evolving 12.A.researching D.investigating 13. A.excluded

C.expected D.split


B.attached B.sufferer

C.victim C.shared C.contrast

D.target D.reported D.division D.occurring C.inspecting

B.warned B.difference





C.conceded C.recognitions

D.completed D.contacts D.value

14.A.contracts B.arrangements 15. A.consensus 16. A.that 17. A.ends 18. A.critical 19. A.notice B.it B.concession C.this


D.which D.wits D.final D.sight D.detected

B.odds C.chances B.significant B.gaze


C.observation C.found

20. A.sought B.arrested

Translate the following sentences into English.

----------------------------------------------------------------------------1. 假设你发现了你自己的同事受贿,你会不会无动于衷

呢?(Use "suppose" as a conjunction)



没有。(give up on; it is + adjective+ to do/that-clause)



员却对此意见不一。(hit upon; speed up)



的。(square... with)



不可少的。(distinguish between)

6. 这个组由七个人组成,他们经常见面,分享彼此的信息。 (consist of)

Translate the following sentences into Chinese.


1. Suppose you were offered a bribe in exchange for a promise, what would you do—receive it or stand by your principles?


Nowadays, people wouldn't put up with those terrible

circumstances, but in those days it was accepted as a fact of life.

3. Cheating in various forms is on the increase in colleges and universities, and I have lost count of the number of students who were caught cheating this semester.

4. Mr. Aichi had to withdraw himself from the competition for the position of state governor when it was revealed that he had been on the take.

5. While originally he had been fully in support of the reform policies, later he began to attack the reform movement.

6. The professor definitely will not agree with the point that the translation amounted to little more than looking up words in dictionaries.



Complete the following sentences with the help of the first letters. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------1. A surprising number of inexperienced pilots haven't really thought about how they would t__ having to land in a field. 2. "Don't talk to me like that!" she said,i___ her mother's

high-pitched voice. 3. At that time, Hitler's access to power d___ prospects for the Disarmament Conference (裁军会议) in Geneva. 4. Three months after I bought it, a friend who works at the museum told me it was f___. 5. Even its critics acknowledge that Los Angeles has

wonderful weather and I____ scenery. 6. Gary presents a full picture of the behavior, good and bad, which he e___ at the workplace. 7. I realized, to my embarrassment, that I had eaten the of exactly half a cake. 8. The disease is w___ in America and quite recently there have been reports of cases in dogs in the UK. 9. Your top p__ must be given to those projects designed to give you greater freedom of choice and more free time in the

long term. 10. March 20 is the final deadline for legal r__ to apply for new Alien Registration Cards (外国人居留证) to replace those issued before 1979. 11. It is estimated more than 2,000 people now sleep on the streets and another 50,000 in various forms of

t____accommodation. 12. He said that his commission was empowered (授权) only to investigate matters directly related to the "current" violence, a___ruling out investigation of past incidents. 13. Once again he was found to be i___, but he was still kept under arrest. 14. Although those were p__ years, disposable income of

individuals increased by only about two percent.

Fill in each of the blanks in the following sentences with a suitable preposition or adverb. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------1. These studies have already thrown ___ some interesting

results. 2. The blood gets washed ___ in the morning so there's no evidence to suggest a crime ever took place.


Morning and afternoon sessions were mainly taken ___

with the business of the Union. 4. On the last day of that term, my final-year classmates all came ___ to my office to give me a "thank-you" present. 5. It was true that a major problem had just cropped ___ which demanded immediate attention. 6. Johnson has bothered to write out exactly how that play should be acted ___; he's trying to stay in control of his plays. 7. Centralized records provide the means by which people

may have access ___ the same body of information, regardless of their physical situation. 8. You will be paid while you are ___ sick leave, but

obviously there are limits to this. 9. The couple told housing officials that the three-bedroom flat simply was not to scratch for their needs. 10. These differences may derive ___ general social and

political climate. 11. He has lost count ___ the number of operations he had, probably around a dozen, but thankfully his spine was virtually undamaged. 12. He had to feed his family on the equivalent ___ 400

pounds a month and, with five mouths to feed, he found this

very hard. 13. She thanked him then set off down the road she thought he'd pointed out, still not sure whether she was even headed ___ the right direction. 14. Anything which threatens the permanence (永久性) of the treaty is a threat ___ stability and peace.



Fill in the blanks with the words given below. Change the form where necessary. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------superficial bias migrate variation descend distinct confront

feature exploit

extensive discount

resemble superiority


1. Some medical experts believe the chances of an explosive spread of the disease to Europe cannot be ___. 2. The report was ___ because it did not contain sufficient balance of views. 3. Perhaps it is a good idea to plant different kinds of roses. That would surely add ___ and charm to your garden. 4. Rightly or wrongly, I judged that the ___ risks in so doing were greater than any possible benefit that I could imagine.

5. ___ with the evidence, they admitted that, of all humans, Australians are the most distant from Africans genetically. 6. In areas of high unemployment, workers tend to ___ to other parts of the country where more jobs are available. 7. The people here are said to be ___ from the Vikings. 8. With the exception of teaching and nursing, these jobs

require little specialized training, and for most a good physical appearance is a(n) ___ advantage. 9. The problem, he pointed out, was that though many

Europeans had at one time studied English, they retained only a(n) knowledge of the language. 10. A survey shows that women who have maintained and/or developed a(n) __ network of personal relationships in middle age are better able to cope with the problems of old age. 11. But some books are designed specifically to __

information about the social, cultural or professional life of the country. 12. They are afraid some organizations are ___ local people in the name of scientific research: They are making use of genetic material they collect for commercial purposes. 13. Despite the military ___ of the government forces, the

rebels continued to hold on to territory in the south.


These are extremely small, single-cell structures that

somewhat ___ bacteria on Earth.

Fill in the blanks with the expressions given below. Change the form where necessary. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------serve as shed new light on to date in addition to be confined to in combination with

nothing less than in effect adapt to as of

1. The scientists announced last year that one of the genes that played a part in determining intelligence had been identified, but __ the results have yet to be confirmed. 2. They seem to think that building a new road will solve the traffic problem, but __, it will make it worse. 3. Their first attempt to create the genetic map of the world was ___ a failure. 4. ___ today Dr. Carey will be in charge of a long-term study of children who are unusually good at math. 5. The best ways to lose weight are proper diet ___ regular exercise.

6. ____ their child-rearing and volunteer work, many women in the city have taken low-paid, so-called part-time work. 7. Their research into better parenting and educational

techniques ___ the fact that more boys have unusual mathematical abilities than girls. 8. It is now known that this illness ___ not___ any one

group in society. 9. The findings ___ a reminder of how important it is to keep on open and trusting dialog going with your children. 10. During this spare time you can relax, adjust eating habits, and generally ____ your new surroundings.

Fill in the blanks in the following passage by selecting suitable words from the Word Bank. You may not use any of the words more than once. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------I have read The History and Geography of Human Genes by Luca Cavalli-Sforza but still have some questions. Even though these findings seemingly prove that races are essentially equal on a genetic level, there are differences unexplained. It was Darwin who first __ the theory of natural selection. His notion was that certain characteristics that help that species ___ are

selected over generations by that species. The species does not consciously make the choice for genetic___ . Instead, by surviving longer and being more fruitful, members of that species with the preferred genes gradually become the ___ breed. We may, as a species, all have __ our existence in one location, but this was long long ago. Factors such as climate and other survival necessities have created needs for __. I believe these factors have contributed to races evolving with different ___. This explains the ___ such as Asians receiving better science and math scores. It also ___ light on why there are so many excellent athletes from Africa. I understand that this is a particularly ____ statement. This is especially true in an age when races are mixing and the peoples of this planet are attempting to learn to live together. phenomena evolution priority commenced preference advanced suspicious scatters

controversial sheds dominant exist attributes survive assets

Read the following passage carefully and choose the best word or phrase to fill in each blank. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------Many Native Americans closely resemble Asians. This has led most scientists to (1) believe something about Native Americans. They think that most Native Americans (2) from a distant group of people. These people (3) from Siberia across the Bering Strait, between 17,000-11,000 years ago. The exact time and (4) is still under question. That is, it is still a(n) (5) of debate. The time they traveled and the route they went is still being argued, as is whether it happened (6).

(7) recently, some anthropologists (人类学家) argued that the migration occurred 12,000 years ago. However, there are a

number of difficulties with this theory — (8) particular, the presence of people in the Americas earlier than one might think. There is growing evidence of human (9) in Brazil and Chile 11,500 years ago or earlier. There is also (10) of humans living in the Americas some 50,000 years ago. (11), other possibilities have been suggested.

They may have (12) the land bridge several thousand years earlier or they may have sailed along the western coast. However, some (13) this theory. They think that humans (14) skills for sailing during this era.

Some consider the genetic and cultural evidence for an Asian origin overwhelming. It should be noted, (15), that some other people are very upset at this idea. Many present-day Native Americans (16) the above theories. They say those who put forward such theories have political (17). They have their own traditional stories that offer (18) of where they came from. Their own stories claim that their (19) are different from what scientists say. Those accounts, though, have mostly been (20) by scholars. Therefore, the origin of Americans still remains a mystery to be explored.

1. A.exceedingly 2. A.derive

B.abnormally C.stem

C.painfully D.arise



3. A.transferred 4. A.highway 5. A.business 6. A.at least 7. A.Before 8. A.in

B.wandered B.path B.reason C.road

C.migrated D.route D.matter D.at first D.As


C.affair C.at all

B.at best B.Until

C.After C.on


D.with C.introduction C.evidence D.presence D.incidence D.Rather

9. A.occurrence 10. A.dependence

B.attendance B.residence

11.A.Somewhat B.Therefore 12. A.crossed

C.Nevertheless D.approached

B.got C.arrived

13. A.contest B.contract 14. A.deprived 15. A.therefore 16. A.eliminate B.lacked

C.compete C.lagged C.then

D.contribute D.lost D.however D.release D.motivation D.essequences


B.conclude C.reject

17.A.reservation B.significance C.realization 18.A.narratives B.accounts 19. A.origins B.memorials 20. A.omitted B.ignored C.consequenc C.sources

D.creation D.emphasized


Translate the following sentences into English. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------1. 这些科学家在创建基因图谱的过程中体会到:合作不仅

仅是一种有吸引力的选择,它还是一种责任。(more than)



人们对人类基因的历史有了新的了解。 (nothing less than; shed light on)



有优势。(in combination with; give an advantage over)

4. 法官说这种惩罚将起到杀一儆百的作用。(serve as)


感染的危险只限于那些与病人有亲密接触的人。 (be

confined to)



些什么。(in a better position to do)

Translate the following sentences into Chinese.

----------------------------------------------------------------------------1. As a responsible manufacturer, we are more than concerned about the environment; we are actively involved in

environmental protection.

2. Of course, she too eventually left to get married, but I could say for sure that she was nothing less than dedicated and never allowed her professional priorities to be distracted.

3. Other than academic success, what has been your greatest achievement to date?

4. Observations and experiments are carried out in order to test or shed light on some theory, and only those observations considered relevant to that task should be recorded.

5. Wherever they are now, black people are descended from Africans, but over the centuries their genetic heritage has become diversified and complicated because of various reasons.

6. In effect, they agreed to the view that the very change in law brings about a change in the nature of society and human

relationships within it.



Fill in the blanks with the words given below. Change the form where necessary. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------fascinate stimulation demonstrate fatigue identify beneficial guarantee cultivate sophisticated steer supervise alert



1. The NPC is not only a law-making body, but also a body __ the enforcement of laws. 2. His illustrations have stood the test of time and continue to ___ and inspire children of all ages. 3. I can't ___ the plan will work, but I'll give it a try. 4. Children should be encouraged to ___ ideas so that they will cultivate an open and creative thinking style. 5. There is general agreement among these scientists that a more ___ approach is needed to solve the puzzle whether great geniuses are born or made.

6. In Dr. Robert Plomin's____ study, a gene that plays a part in determining intelligence has been but the results have yet to be confirmed. 7. A top executive who is constantly looking ahead rather than backwards can ___ his company into a prosperous future. 8. We both recognized the importance of good human relations and now our policies have been ___ to our businesses. 9. She takes a number of specific examples, aiming to ___ the extent to which usage and contexts determine meaning. 10. The report does not insist that it is one man who has

committed all the offences, but the ___ is that is the case. 11. Passengers should try to stay ___ at all times, and report any suspicious packages to the police immediately. 12. While she was at home looking after her children, she felt deprived of intellectual ___. 13. The study indicated that children with stimulating parents who were not supportive were more likely to suffer from ___. 14. If any professional person has shown an interest in your work don't let it go, but try to ___ their interest, however tenuous (脆弱的) it may seem; you will soon know if it's going to be of any use in the future.

Fill in each of the blanks in the following sentences with a suitable preposition or adverb. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------1. The government encouraged new towns with light industry to spring __ in rural areas. 2. Jennifer knew what a difficult time I was having, and went __ of her way to be friendly. 3. Whether you are looking for an entire course or just trying to pick ___ a few phrases, the Net offers an amazing selection of language learning. 4. And much of the land ___ question is not naturally good for rice growing. 5. The presenter of a television series has some advantages ___ a writer, since video is more flexible than book production. 6. A great teacher is not one who merely stands and talks in front of a class of children, but one who is able to pass __ wisdom and knowledge to others. 7. At least 17 of these "cancer genes" have been identified, and ___ every case they appear to be identical or very similar to normal genes found in healthy cells. 8. She also felt it was important that inspectors should look ___ relationships between children and teachers.

9. Pointing out where the problem lies is far ___ solving it. 10. If, as suggested, you have done some background work on the company you will be ____ a good position to say what you really like about it, and why the job suits you ideally.



Complete the following sentences with the help of the first letters. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------1. The spy looked cau__ around and then walked away from the cinema and disappeared into the dark. 2. The man was sentenced to 10 years in prison after he was accused of bri___ a senior bank official. 3. The black girl's family strongly dis___ of her behaving

joyfully in public, especially before strangers. 4. So, in the evening when the body temperature is beginning to fall, there is a natural ten___ to fall asleep and in the morning, when the temperature begins to rise rapidly, we are most likely to wake up. 5. The car accident has caused per__ damage to her eyesight. 6. There was a feeling of disappointment and office when the news of job cuts was announced. de___in the


Beautiful women are better than flowers because they

understand human language, and flowers are better than beautiful women because they give off 8. fra___.

Although these opportunities don't gua___ to lead to

success, market-oriented businesses should find them worth considering. 9. Have you ever read Randolph's work? It is ex__ concerned with the effects of pollution on health. 10. In his speech, he expressed his deep debt of gratitude to all of the people who had given so gen___ of their time and money in support of his work. 11. The buildings still stand, slowly de__ , without past or future, or any links with the surrounding land. 12. When he saw what had happened to the black girl, his face reg___ extreme disapproval and dissatisfaction. 13. I'm afraid this banknote is a forgery; it's just a wor__ piece of paper. 14. He was sitting pr___ up against the end of the bed with his back to the wall, still fully dressed.

Replace the underlined words or expressions in the following sentences with expressions from the text that best keep the original meaning. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------1. Howard sat looking carefully at the busy traffic in the street through his glasses. Your replacement: 2. The performance had to be stopped when the actor fell off the stage and had his left leg broken. Your replacement: 3. These people who were opposed to cigarette advertising were more likely to give up than those who approved of it. Your replacement: 4. The builders are trying to support the crumbling walls of the church. Your replacement: 5. In general, the increasingly exaggerated claims of some

beauty products by the advertisements are vacant promises. Your replacement: 6. Sometimes in the afternoon, I, together with my cousins, went to the river to fish. Your replacement:

7. During that time, white people were different from black people to me because they seemed to speak a strange language. Your replacement: 8. When politicians mess things up, they will suffer the

consequences sooner or later. Your replacement: 9. About 8,000 people regularly enjoy the benefits of yoga, but only 25% of them are members of the yoga club. Your replacement: 10. The basic ethics of any religion are to some extent the same as those of the others. Your replacement:

? Fill in the blanks in the following passage by selecting suitable words from the Word Bank. You may not use any of the words more than once. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------To look at me, you would never guess I am in my late sixties. Most people ___ that. I just smile and say, "A lady never ___ her age." There are good reasons why a lady doesn't. Older women get ignored in our society. We are __ and left to grow old without the company of others. I understood from a very

young age our society ___ against the old. Our society is ___ against women. And, our society makes __ based on the color of a person's skin. I am an old black woman. I have to use my every advantage in order to ___ a vital part of my community. I have managed to stay fit, to ___ my looks while my wisdom increases. Often younger men ___ my abilities. However, I should tell you that I am very skilled in the art of politics. I was for many years the mayor of a large urban center in the Southern United States. After that I was selected by my district to ___ them in Congress. I advise other women over sixty not to give up! Old as we are, we have experience and know more about life. Let's not let our knowledge and experience go to waste. present prejudiced represent confirm distinguishes maintain discriminates suspect judgments stay

discounting remain underestimate reveals undervalued

Read the following passage carefully and choose the best word or phrase to fill in each blank. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------Here is the story about how the American civil rights movement started in the 1950s. Tired (1) she was, Mrs. Parks walked past the first few—mostly empty—rows of seats (2) "Whites Only." Black people were allowed to sit in these seats (3) no white person was standing. (4) the fact that Rosa Parks hated segregation laws, she had never done anything against the law. She (5) for civil rights for more than 10 years, but always legally. However, that day she did something that was (6).

She found and sat in a(n) (7) seat in the back of the bus. The bus continued along its (8). The driver noticed that all the seats in the "Whites Only" section were already (9). And more white people had just climbed (10). He ordered the people in Mrs.

Parks's (11) to move to the back, (12) there were no open seats and people had to stand. No one moved at first, but when the driver (13) at the black passengers a second time, they did what they were told. They all moved to the back— (14) Rosa Parks. She (15) in the prohibited seat. (16), trouble occured. Ms. Parks was thrown in jail for (17) the law.

This (18) inspired the Montgomery Bus Boycott (联合抵制) of 1955-56. It also (19) the 20th century civil rights movement. Ms. Parks quickly became the (20) of that day. She has been remembered as a brave fighter in the civil rights movement. 1. A.like B.as C.though B.designed D.although C.marked C.since D.described D.seeing that D.Despite D.was

2. A.defined 3. A.even though 4. A.Though 5. A.had fighting 6. A.evil

B.as long as



B.been fighting fought B.immoral

C. had been fought


D.illegal D.blank D.orbit D.caught D.abroad

7. A.vacant 8. A.routine 9. A.secured 10. A.around

B.empty C.bare B.route B.taken B.off C.trip

C.seized C.aboard

11. A.row


C.queue C.which

D.line D.whether

12. A.when B.where

13. A.barked B.appealed C.signaled D.gripped 14. A.but B.except C.besides B.remained D.allowing C.persisted D.rejected C.Practically

15. A.insisted

16.A.Appropriately D.Consequently 17. A.defining 18. A.memorial 19. A.displayed


B.refusing C.defying B.fact C.accident B.exposed


D.incident D.sparked

C.flashed D.heart

20. A.focus B.point C.target

Translate the following sentences into English. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------1. 只要他守规矩,我倒不在乎他晚上在外呆得这么晚。

(mind + V-ing)



任何一个计划比他的计划更实际。 (no + singular nouns or plural nouns; in that)



财政年度损失惨重,已经破产了。(break off)



晚会呢? (now that; in the first place)



还是有点沮丧。(more or less)

6. 也许这是为进步而付出的代价, 谁知道呢? (pay the price)

Translate the following sentences into Chinese. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------1. I don't mind their disapproving of my plan, but, in my heart, I still want their support.


Peter announced that he had no intention of singing or

dancing in company with any of these girls and he gave no reason.

3. We respect those who give of their time, their friendship and their talents rather than those who are always trying hard only to gain more for themselves.

4. It seemed that I had suffered a great loss of business and that was the price I paid for not following my parents' advice.

5. They just made the point again in passing that during my visit to that country, an interpreter would always be at my elbow.

6. Even when parents strongly disapprove of the way their child is behaving, it is still important to make it clear that it is the behavior and not the person that is being rejected.



Complete the following sentences with the help of the first letters. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------1. It is now established as a healthy food, with popular app__ for the ever-growing numbers of health-conscious customers. 2. Poor nu___ as a consequence of inadequate diet is a

fundamental factor in the development of coronary heart disease. 3. In a society where the value of age and experience is de__, it is difficult for women to do anything when the signs of ageing

emerge. 4. For sales agents, self-confidence and an ability to handle frequent rejections are important ing___ for success. 5. These concerns have been further sti___ by the change in public attitudes to safety and environmental issues, many of which are closely linked to energy. 6. Rising prices are per___ as a threat to living standards, so that the faster prices are increasing, the more likely are workers to join a union in order to maintain their standards of living. 7. If workers believe inflation is likely to acc__, they will demand higher enough wages to compensate for expected increases in prices. 8. They aimed to ensure that British films avoided all political, religious and social con___, and did nothing that would risk causing offence. 9. The advertisement said that the newly marketed face cream contained ex_____ of several plants. 10. My friend suggested that maybe the machine was the

problem, an idea that seemed to strike the nurse as rid____. 11. Betty took a gun and shot and killed the strange and

stronger man, fearing that he would re____ his attack. 12. Books are like rabbits—they mul___ so fast that no sooner

do you put one down than far more appear alongside it! 13. Newspaper advertising is the medium most frequently

uti___ by local retailers of food. 14. It has been dem____ that smoking harms yourselves as well as your families.

Replace the underlined words or expressions in the following sentences with expressions from the text that best keep the original meaning. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------1. Meanwhile, a joint economic commission would try to find out the true facts about ways of economic and industrial cooperation between companies. Your replacement: 2. Edward eagerly expressed his hopes, feelings, and

frustrations in poems addressed to her. Your replacement: 3. The small equipment will gently exercise the small, delicate facial muscles, tighten the skin and smooth out wrinkles. Your replacement: 4. Concerning the value of age, women in particular feel the threat that the visible changes of ageing bring.

Your replacement: 5. One reason for the conflicting results may be connected with other uncontrolled variables in some of these studies. Your replacement: 6. Some doctors who focus on the study of lung cancer have raised questions about the effectiveness of the new drug. Your replacement: 7. When we were first married, I knew you would have to spend quite a lot of time on your own, when I could not spare myself from business affairs. Your replacement: 8. The change from long to short hair is used to represent the woman's need for change in her life. Your replacement: 9. I need something to give this sauce a bit of flavor—ah, a lemon should achieve the desired effect. Your replacement: 10. The head of the state said his country had always highly valued friendly relations with its neighbors. Your replacement:

Unit 9 Fill in the blanks with the words given below. Change the form where necessary. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------ban symbol violate invasion figure contend concession unique assemble delicate

attendance excess

illustration contemplate

1. I'd be only delighted if governments could prove all our reports wrong, if that means that human rights aren't being ___, Smart said. 2. The investigation is at a(n) ___ stage, so we cannot release their names. 3. The lawyer___ that his client was innocent and the

company's appearance regulations did not offend individual liberty. 4. The French government has called on its people to defend the purity of their language and fight against foreign cultural ___. 5. The statistics are a clear __ of the point I am trying to make. 6. In the first several years, the costs of Euro Disneyland

surpassed the revenue although __ had been high. 7. Last year the government introduced a number of tax ___ to

bring private capital into the hotel and tourism sectors. 8. To give Euro Disneyland its __ features, the legends and fairy tales coming from Europe are included in the development of the theme park. 9. Many years ago he had ___ writing a book about his

childhood. 10. In fact, many diets today take into consideration the

negative elements in American eating patterns and help you avoid ___ fats, cholesterol, and sodium (钠)—although very few help you avoid all three. 11. Comics were ___ in my house because my parents thought they weren't a good influence. 12. In some places, bronzed (古铜色的) skin became a(n) ___ of wealth, health and beauty, a sign that the owner belonged to the leisured classes. 13. Environmental issues___ prominently in the talks. 14. When they recruit volunteers to help in their work, they pay particular attention to the volunteers' ability to __ the data in a wide variety of different ways.

Replace the underlined words or expressions in the following sentences with expressions from the text that best

keep the original meaning. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------1. Both sides involved in the conflict agreed to give up

something in yesterday's talk. Your replacement: 2. Mothers are well-known for considering the needs of the family more important than their own. Your replacement 1: Your replacement 2: 3. The government seemed to be unworried about having such a huge symbol of American culture, Disneyland, in its capital. Your replacement: 4. The workers demanded the company to give up its dress code or they would make a legal claim against it. Your replacement: 5. The idea of a high speed train in France was born about 20 years before the first TGVs started working. Your replacement: 6. The company has changed its original design of the theme park as an answer to criticisms of its cultural blindness by the local intellectuals. Your replacement:

7. Some employees of Euro Disneyland would like to comply with the company's rules and shave off their moustaches instead of losing their jobs. Your replacement: 8. The writer believed that the Disney organization gave a bit too much attention to the issue of hair. Your replacement 1: Your replacement 2: 9. "Won't you do any other subjects?"—"Well, it is not decided yet. I don't particularly want to do geology. Astronomy would be quite good, if I'm allowed to do it." Your replacement: 10. Very quickly, I was off and running, straight across the bar and out the door, chasing him into the street. Your replacement: 11. Up to now McAllister seemed to have passed all the tests. Your replacement: 12. The ideas and guidelines in this book are developed from a lot of people's experience and the results of research. Your replacement:

Fill in the blanks in the following passage by selecting suitable words from the Word Bank. You may not use any of the words more than once. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------The Disney Legends program was established in 1987 to ___ and honor the many individuals whose imagination, talents and dreams have___ the Disney magic. The awards are given annually during a(n) ___ at the Walt Disney Studios.

The Legends are chosen by a selection committee chosen by Roy E. Disney. Since its inception ( 开始), the program has honored many __ animators, songwriters, actors and business leaders as having made a significant ___ on the Disney legacy.

In 1997, the Legends program was established in Europe with a ceremony held at Disneyland Paris, commemorating the 5th ___ of the park and honoring those who established many of the Disney European businesses. During the ceremony, a 14-foot bronze enlargement of the Disney Legends award was unveiled as an enduring __ of their contributions.

On October 16, 1998, the new Disney Legends Plaza was __ at

the Walt Disney Studios to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the Walt Disney Company. The Plaza __ a second edition of the bronze sculpture first placed in Disneyland Paris, with bronze plaques ___ the individual Legends lining the columns of the Plaza.

Each year, new Legends will join this celebrated group so that we may always remember the gifts of those people who know the secret of making dreams come true. features gifted reminder created exaggerate talents impact acknowledge ceremony concern contends anniversary representing

dedicated witnessing

Read the following passage carefully and choose the best word or phrase to fill in each blank. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------Some people have criticized the Disney management for being culturally insensitive in building a theme park in France. Disney has (1) to the accusation (指责) with comments of its own. People from Disney have said that the company is very sensitive to the idea that its park showing a(n) (2) of cultural concerns. They have tried to make it more European by (3) European cultural origins. The legends and fairy tales which come from Europe (4) prominently in the park. The (5) development of the theme park, in fact, has a European base. Disney has also (6) that the park will be special. It will have a uniqueness (7) to its European setting. All the direction (8) in the park will be in two languages. They will be in French (9) in English. Some performers in the park will (10) in French, Spanish and English. (11) the other hand, Disney will remain American. Disney does (12) that the park is American. That is, it does have an American cultural focus in (13). Disney sees this

(14) important. It is the main selling (15) to attract people. The 320 million European citizens who live (16) a two-hour flight want to visit Disney, because it is American. The Europeans coming to the park would be disappointed by a park that was strictly representative (17) their own countries. The people who visit the park will be very happy with the American culture they see (18) by Disneyland. During their trip, they will experience not only the cultures of Europe, (19) that of the US as well. One thing is (20) though: All other previous theme parks in Europe have been unsuccessful. It is not yet clear how a Disney theme park will do in France. 1. A.returned 2. A.sense 3. B.reacted B.lack C.resolved D.corresponded


D.implication C.creating



D.emphasizing 4. A.attribute 5. A.creative 6. A.reacted 7. B.provide C.figure D.finger D.competitive D.resolved C.appreciate

B.initiative C.effective B.exclaimed C.claimed



D.associate 8. A.sights B.signature 9.A. as far as C.sighs D.signs D.as much as

B.as long as C. as well as

10. A.chat 11. A.In

B.exchange B.On C.With B.conceal

C.change D.By C.concede

D. challenge

12. A.confine


13. A.basis B.soul 14. A.as 15. A.value 16. A.with B.into

C.substance C.through


D.to D.focus D.between

B.point B.without

C.information C.within D.for

17. A.of B.with 18.A.qualified 19. A.other than 20.A.undeniable D.unprofitable


B.represented B.instead of

C.managed C.rather than

D.simplified D.but also



Translate the following sentences into English. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------1. 尽管他们做出了巨大的努力,但目前为止,博物馆每天

的参观者仍然很少。(for all; so far)



而不是放弃自己的规定。(in response to; rather than)



被盗。(warn against)



的那些办法。(focus on)



熟、受过良好教育的女子。 (in a flash)

6. 我能证实 200 列新火车正在制造中,第一批将在今年五 月投入运营。 (come into service)

Translate the following sentences into Chinese. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------1. For all their explanations, the union still believed the

company's dress and appearance code offends individual liberty and violates the labor law.

2. Management has granted a 10% pay rise in response to union pressure but refused to make any further concession.

3. We can reform our public health care system, which still gives us, for all its flaws, the best health care in the world.

4. If he has the money and no good excuse for not paying what he owes you, the only solution may be to take him to court.

5. Efforts to resolve the conflict in the Middle East, which has caused more than 100 deaths since February of last year, have so far been fruitless.

6. In this chapter we focus on how to arrange your gathered material in the form of an argument.



Complete the following sentences with the help of the first letters. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------1. However, if you feel progress is too slow, you need to make slight ___ to your food and exercise program to get it going as you want it. 2. The idea of building a theme park near the city gained

immediate and general ___ with the public. 3. The Disney organization ___ in its annual report that it had been hit by competition and attendances in the United States had

been falling. 4. The Conservative Party, currently undergoing a transition, __ losses throughout the country, its overall vote falling by 6% compared with 1995. 5. ___ investigation shows that the tank is not leaking, but this has to be confirmed by detailed tests. 6. The campaign is trying to stop the ___ use of chemicals in farming. 7. The survey found a wide seasonal ___ in attendance and it was difficult, if not impossible, to predict future attendance or profits. 8. The Euro Disney Corporation believed the current financial loss of the theme park were ___ and in the long run they would make profits. 9. Since we ___ strong demand for this new product range we recommend you to place your first order as soon as possible. 10. A further problem we had to __ was who should take over from Bob Willis as vice-captain. 11. Beethoven is my favorite musician. I regard him as ___ to other musicians. 12. Arthur has made a __, which he wants her to put before the board at a special meeting scheduled for tomorrow afternoon.

13. In the weeks following the dinner, Lutyens swiftly drew up an ___ set of plans. 14. In a complete ___ of his previous decision, he gave

permission for the project to go ahead.

Rewrite each of the following sentences using the expressions given in brackets. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------1. According to the survey, students and children formed more than 50% of the visitors to Euro Disneyland last year. (account for) Your sentence: 2. These employees thought banning moustaches and beards was the same as violating their individual rights. (amount to) Your sentence: 3. Most of the student guides work for the theme park

voluntarily. (on a... basis) Your sentence: 4. The theme park is preparing for the invasion of tourists in the coming summer vacation period. (gear up) Your sentence: 5. Uncertainty again exists about the company's current

financial conditions and many stockholders are selling its shares. (hang over) Your sentence: 6. Manufacturing companies spend millions of pounds trying to convince customers that their products are better than those of other companies. (superior to) Your sentence: 7. The union representative argued that the practices of

banning moustaches, excess weight and short skirts were not in agreement with French labor law. (in line with) Your sentence: 8. The stock prices of the company are too high now, but they are going to be all right in the distant future. (in the long term) Your sentence: 9. He wrote to advise me not to go to the east coast because it was so full of tourists. (warn against) Your sentence: 10. Success is not only determined by what you do. What you don't do is equally important. (depend on) Your sentence:



Fill in the blanks with the words given below. Change the form where necessary. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------cultivate incorporate adaptive perspective mechanism controversial recommend confine capacity sort application maturity



1. Computer-based communications can offer many educational opportunities; therefore, educators will need to ___ current teaching methods into the classroom. 2. Since its release, Dr. Goleman's Emotional Intelligence has __ heated debates about the importance of EQ in one's success in work and in life. 3. Due to different life experiences and social backgrounds, people's __ on an event may vary from person to person. 4. Dr. Goleman believes that ___ emotional intelligence will become more and more important in the future. 5. When psychologists began to write and think about

intelligence, they used to ___ it to cognitive ( 认识能力的 ) aspects, such as memory and problem-solving.

6. The purchase of 500 tanks is part of a strategy to increase military ___ by 25% over the next five years. 7. ___ as EQ is, the company has attached much importance to the development of emotional intelligence of its staff. 8. Working in a refugee camp and seeing the sufferings of the war victims had helped to raise his political ___. 9. If you were interested in EQ, I'd ___ the book Emotional Intelligence by Daniel Goleman—it's informative. 10. The state will encourage scientific and technological

research, and promote the ___ of science and technology to innovate traditional industries and develop high-tech industries. 11. It took them a couple of hours to ___ all the clothes into two piles—those to be kept, and those to be given away. 12. Indeed, it is the move of established firms on to the

Internet that seems likely to drive this technology forward to ___. 13. As we get older the temperature-regulating